How about having your 2D drawn ideas transformed into beautiful 3D models?
Do you want your architectural plans to stand out from the competition and win more quality clients? Would you like to take your practice to the next level?

In today’s world most customers want to see not just plane drawings but photo realistic renders in 3D models. These provide a whole new level of interactivity and the customers can then feel themselves inhabiting your designed spaces.

This helps them truly immerse in your conceptual design and see it matching with their dream project (not all people can read 2D drawings correctly, right?)

That’s when they will want to pay you more and choose you from the others.

But how do you start with all that when you have been working with 2D all your life? And do you really need to? It takes much time and money to learn 3D modelling yourself or to hire new staff, not to mention all the costs involved in making these changes in-house all by yourself.

Now, what if there can be another solution that won’t cost you a fortune?

Let Value Passive House take care of all your 3D Visualization and design needs at a fraction of the cost!
Who we are
Value Passive House is an architectural digital resource provider firm based out of Somerset, UK. We love good quality architecture and we are eager to create sustainable and beautiful projects all over the world.
We take care of your 3D needs
We will have Zoom meetings to control the quality and timelines. Furthermore, we are always available on WhatsApp or email, so we can discuss your questions and detailed requirements during the process.
or book a time when we can call you back. We can discuss details of your project and understand each other better.
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The first draft reaches you in just 48 hours. No matter how tough your deadlines are, we’ll get the job done.
First draft in 48 hours
How do we work?
3 reasons to choose 3D modeling for your company
You immediately get your clients conceptually on the same page as yourself, immersing them with impressive visuals of your ideas.
You can win important tenders and get bigger projects – beautiful good quality 3D images speak louder and sell better than endless words and dozens of 2D drawings.
You automatically get to upgrade your practice to the next level, attracting quality customers and earning much higher fees.
3D visualization brings life to your projects, it makes them more real, more relatable. Most people are visual perceivers - they capture ideas better through what they get to see.
We are an online service unrestricted by geographical constraint
We are not only visual artists, but architectural designers, so we understand your aesthetic needs and technical requirements better
Our quality to price ratio is unbeatable, even when keeping our prices affordable for small and medium architecture practices
We have flexible working hours, ready to answer your messages in 1-3 hours max
Our team consists of experts with great diversity in experience and styles, so we can always find a solution that suits you best
We work fast and efficient – you get your first drafts within 48 hours
Why to choose us?
We will be working closely with you on projects, so let's get acquainted!
Our Team
Arun Alex
Founder & director
Sandra Rudeklint
Director & architectural designer
3D modelling
Creating a 3D model from dwg drawings
CGI renders
Photorealistic images of your project
Photorealistic video of your project
Walkthrough video
Our Services
Plans, elevations, sections, masterplans
Low energy timber frame design and construction
See how much sunlight you get - in schemes and numbers
2D drawings
Timber frame engineering
Daylight & shadow analysis
Our clients become our friends!
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